New York

Since childhood I have understood that painting is the language of endless words. Today I am able to speak that language, and I am thankful for the perseverance and steadfastness that brought me to this point. Some of my images are monochrome compositions, deforming the figure in a homogeneous surface and dividing it with lines. During this creative process, space and time seem to dissolve for me, and in fact one of my main themes is the relativity of time. Meanwhile the material, colors and shapes emerge from the sketch to add up to a work of art. Other images are created without preliminary sketches and develop until my soul feels that it has given expression to its thoughts.

Presse New York
In her acrylic paintings, German artist Petra Thölken strives to capture "from infinity the complexity of being." What results are familiar forms that seem to hover between this world and the next, or alternatively, abstract vortexes that capture the brilliant energy underlying all life in this universe. For Thölken, "painting is the language of endless words," and she uses her art to explore the complex interchange between the true beauty of life and the pain embedded in the depths of our inner being. Whether figurative, abstract or something in between, the dramatic use of line in Thölken's paintings makes the images edgy, with a pervasive tension brimming just below the surface. Colors are intense, and unbalanced compositions add to this juxtaposition of exquisite beauty with inescapable unease. A main theme of all her work is the relativity of time, which within in her paintings calls into question what we believe to be real. Thölken's paintings are as instructive as they are stunning, helping us to re-imagine our place in this world