English Edition abstract painting

English Edition abstract painting

English Edition Abstract Painting

Many people already know my instructions on YouTube or have been to my studio for painting courses. Now the unconventional methods and innovative ideas have been put together in a book that you can touch and feel and that encourages you to do it yourself.


New techniques in acrylic

Innovative ideas for acrylic painting! Petra Thölken presents new techniques and materials for abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media. 20 motifs are explained here step by step, including variations and tips for your own design. This book is also wonderfully suitable for beginners - colour theory, technique, materials and backgrounds are presented in detail.

You can simply click on the link or the image and order the book from Amazon.

Much joy and inspiration to you, Petra

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  • Ramírez Rodríguez Juan

    Estoy interesado en el libro sobre abstractos, cuál es su costo, el envío a Cali Colombia, la forma de pago. Gracia.

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